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    Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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Audition Online is an online dancing game that follows in the footsteps of hot games like Dance-Dance Revolution. It allows PC users to showcase their rhythm and talents for a live online audience.

Audition Online!

We're far removed from the days of Pong and Pac-Man and other simplistic arcade classics. Today, we have thousands of different games available to us via a slew of platforms, and many of these games play to a very specific niche, like dancing games. These sorts of games are definitely popular with consoles like the PlayStation and Wii, but they’re also starting to become popular on the PC thanks to games like Audition Online. Although it’s not as feature-rich or as interactive as some console games, it's still fun, intriguing, and it still requires skill and focus.

Audition Online is a game developed and released by AyaPlaya. It is available for Windows operating systems like XP and Vista. To date, it does not have Windows 7 or 8 support, but since the game has been updated a few times in the past, it might have a patch or a new supportive version out in the near future.

Features of Audition Online

Audition Online is essentially a simplified version of Dance-Dance Revolution. You will find a round, glowing platform in the middle of the screen, on which a few different dancers stand while waiting to perform. The biggest difference between this game and console and arcade games is that the controls are vastly different. Instead of using your Wii stick or some type of dance pad, you have to use your four arrows on the keyboard to move around. This makes the game a lot less interactive, but it also simplifies the process and allows you to get the hang of the moves easier.

That being said, the game can still be quite difficult to master. This is especially true when you're playing against other live players who know what they’re doing. As you may already know, dancing games are like first-person shooters or racing games in that they're inundated with people who constantly play and can constantly hone their skills. So, if you run up against any pro dancers in Audition Online, you’re probably going to get smoked. This is where the single-player rounds come in handy for practice.

Another cool feature of Audition Online is that you can break out of the pre-defined dances and dance freestyle, which allows you to show off random moves and combinations for points. This can help you get used to how the controls work.

If there's a big negative with the game, it's the graphics. Even if you have a great GPU and an HD monitor, the picture is going to look very standard at best. The pinks and purples of the game don’t pop, and the screen can appear quite blurry at times. This is surprising for a game that’s 1.3 GB in size.


  • Free dancing game
  • Face-off against live opponents
  • Addictive play


  • Low to mid-level graphics
  • Weird screen vibe
  • Hard game to compete in

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